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All you need to do is answer a few questions and supply some information to us for our own personal records (We don't pass this onto anybody else and if you ever close your membership we delete your details). Upon receiving your details we will then send you a member ID number which you should quote in any e-mail or letter correspondence to us. You will also receive instructions on how to access the membership area.

Please feel free to ask any questions about membership, click here to write us an email.

The "Your personal details" section, and the questions "E-mail program:", "Can you receive e-mail attachments?", "Do you own a web site?", "If yes, what are the addresses?" and "Which area of our services would you like to signup to" must be filled in, these are required questions (*).

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What made you decide to become a member?

Thank you for spending some time to answer our questions, Click 'Send to RKD' for your details to be emailed to us. Your entry will be confirmed via the e-mail address you supplied.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

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