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On this page you should be able to sort out problems or learn tips related to Outlook 2010 on Windows 7. We have added some links to other pages at the bottom or you can E-mail our help team.

What this page covers.

 Screen shots from Outlook 2010.

 Hints and tips.


  Screen shots from Outlook 2010.

To help you sort out any problems we have put in some screen shots. All you have to do is match the screens in your Outlook with the ones here.

How to check your general settings and mail setup.

Are you getting a message like this or do you want to check your settings?

Here's how, open MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 2010 by looking through the start menu.  It is normally found in start>all programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Office Outlook 2010. This will open up the main screen:


 Now lets look at e-mail setup for a FREESERVE account. Click File:

Now click Account Settings and then the Account Settings that drops down as shown above.  You will now see:

  If you have more than one mail account then you will see several lines in here, one should say (send from this account by default and have a white tick in a black circle), this is your main account. What you can do is check your mail settings by clicking CHANGE but we believe it is easier to remove the account if you only have one. To REMOVE the account and create a FREESERVE mail account first click on the name under NAME (in this case called [email protected]) so that it turns blue (highlighted), now click REMOVE, you will see:

Just say yes and it will be gone.

Now you are on the Account Settings screen, click NEW and you will see:

Click E-mail Account and Next:

Click Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next:

Click Internet E-mail and Next:

Type in anything in Your Name box.  This can be a nickname or your full name or whatever.  E-MAIL ADDRESS. This must be all in small letters with no spaces. An example, your e-mail address may be [email protected] you must type in [email protected]  For a FREESERVE e-mail account the box that reads Account Type must be set to POP3. In the INCOMING MAIL SERVER box type in pop.freeserve.com all in small letters. In the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER box type in smtp.freeserve.com all in small letters.  In the USER NAME box you need to type in whatever follows the @ in your e-mail address all in small letters. If your e-mail address were [email protected] you would type in smith.fsnet.co.uk for the PASSWORD you must type in the SAME password that you use on the Internet. This must be the same as when you set it up. If your password was 123aBc you CANT type in 123abc it MUST be 123aBc Its recommended to tick Remember password too.  Match the rest of the tick boxes with the image above.  Now it is a good idea to check the settings.  Click Next, you should see this:

If something is wrong you will get this:

Cancel this screen and you are returned to the Internet Email settings screen.  First check your password and user name.  Remember, the USER NAME for FREESERVE is whatever follows the @ in your e-mail address all in small letters. If your e-mail address were [email protected] you would type in smith.fsnet.co.uk for the PASSWORD you must type in the SAME password that you use on the Internet or signed up with. This must be the same as when you set it up. If your password was 123aBc you CANT type in 123abc it MUST be 123aBc  If you still have problems then load up the Internet and go to www.orange.co.uk On there look for a email option, try to login with the same details.  If you CAN login then please double check the steps on here for Outlook.  If you CANT login you need to call Orange (Orange took over Freeserve and Wanadoo accounts) to check your account details.

Anyway hopefully you will see this screen:

 Click FINISH and you will return to the ACCOUNT SETTINGS screen.  Close all screens then close OUTLOOK 2010 and restart your computer and that should be ok. If not you will need to reinstall or repair your Microsoft Office suite so go to REPAIRING OR REINSTALLING MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 below.

Create a email in Microsoft Office 2010.

Open Outlook 2010:


Click Home>New E-Mail:

Once composed click send. 

Repairing or reinstalling Microsoft Office 2010.

*NOTE: It is recommended to have your Microsoft Office 2010 CD handy before commencing.  If you have installed Office 2010 from a download you need to be able to run your Microsoft Office 2010 download again.  Make sure it is handy. *

From the Windows desktop:

click, Start, control panel:

Click Category then large icons:

Click Programs and Features. You will then see a screen similar to this: 


*NOTE: You will require your Microsoft Office 2010 CD or Setup download to do this step.  Make sure it is handy. *

Look for and click on your 'Microsoft Office 2010' version then click Uninstall.  This will present you with a choice of either repairing Office or removing it.  We recommend you try a repair first.  Follow the screens through and reboot your computer.  Test Outlook again.  If this fails go back through these steps and choose to remove Office and reboot.  Once you have rebooted your computer you need to reinstall Microsoft Office 2010 from your CD or download.  Then follow the section HOW TO CHECK YOUR GENERAL SETTINGS AND MAIL SETUP.  There are other things to try below!

  Hints and Tips.

If you know you did not alter any settings on your PC many problems go away after restarting your PC.

On Windows 7 there is a brilliant tool called system restore where you can go back in time.  Try it!  Click Start>All programs>Accessories>system tools>system restore.  You get this:


Click Next:


First tick the Show more restore points box.  On the list, click a date that is before you had problems.  A system check point is a very good restore point.  Click next:


Click Finish and follow this.  It will restart your PC and restore files back to as they were.

Try Windows and Office updates.  Make sure you are online and then from desktop:

Click Start, Control panel:

then click category and large icons:

Click Windows update:

Click Check for updates or it may say X updates are available, click that:

Simply look through the list.  Place ticks next to all Critical or important updates.  Also look for any Office updates and tick those.  Click ok.  They will get installed now.  Restart your PC

If you know of any tips or problems with Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 let us know.

Got any suggestions or can't sort out the problem from here, first PLEASE check the Microsoft Office and Outlook related pages below then E-mail: Here giving as much information as possible.


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