RKD Help for checking and testing USB ADSL connections.

On this page you should be able to check your USB ADSL modem is set-up and test your modem. ADSL is a fast internet connection.  If you have a ADSL USB modem you have a box that connects to your PC.  It may look like this:

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What this page covers.

Screen shots for checking your USB ADSL modem and testing it.

Hints and tips.


Screen shots for checking your modem and testing it.

We are not aware of any specific errors with a ADSL USB modem so if you have any errors or solutions please let us know.  To help you sort out any problems we have put in some screen shots. All you have to do is match the screens and follow the tests.

How to check modem set-up on your PC.

From the windows desktop:


 next to the clock you should have a icon relating to your ADSL.  If you move your mouse over it it should tell you the status of the connection.

To reinstall your modem we will reinstall your USB, here's how.  Click start, control panel:

If the next screen you see is this then you need to click switch to classic view:

Now double click system:


and then hardware:


Now click device manager:


Now on this list at the very bottom look for Universal Serial Bus Controllers (Not shown), click the + and then right click each item that appears choosing Uninstall:

  Click OK on each of these warning messages for each item you remove.  Now that the Universal Serial Bus Controller items have been removed look for any items with a ! or a ? next to them and do the same thing (Right click it and then click OK on the warning).  Now close everything and restart your PC.  Everything will come back.  If your modem still wont work follow HOW TO CHECK USB ADSL MODEM SETUP TO YOUR PC.

How to check USB ADSL modem set-up to your PC.

First SHUTDOWN your PC.


On the Left is a USB type A connection and on the Right a DSL cable which goes into your ADSL modem.

Your computer should be connected to the telephone exchange like this:

  Power on your PC and ADSL USB modem.  Look at the Modem:

It may look different to this as this is a Freeserve ALCATEL SPEED TOUCH USB ADSL modem.  But, you should have a USB light and a ADSL light on yours.  before it will work both Lights in this case need to be Green.  Now try connecting again.  If this fails we suggest you try other USB ports on your PC or reinstall the CD that you have with your modem.

 Hints and Tips.

If you know you did not alter any settings on your PC many problems go away after restarting your PC.

If the modem has been working then on Windows XP try System restore.  Click Start>All programs>Accessories>system tools>system restore.  You get this:

Click Next:

On the Calendar, click a date that is in bold or stands out, On the right click a time.  A system check point is a very good restore point.  Click next:

Click Next and follow this.  It will restart your PC and restore files back to as they were.

If you modem does not connect after going through these tests you will need to ring your technical support for your PC to have your ADSL and PC checked. 


Got any suggestions or can't sort out the problem from here, first PLEASE check the related pages below then E-mail: Here giving as much information as possible.


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